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Posted: 05/04/2009 in creative, fun, me, paper, pictures

this weekend was the event i’ve planned mentally and physically for months now. 

*a bachelorette party for my mary catherine* (the only one i get to sign sentences to who understands me. lizzie faith doesn’t really fill the signing void… i miss her already!) 

i’m not a party planner… i do weddings, not the receptions or parties surrounding/leading up to. i felt really out of my comfort zone so it took me much longer than it would take the seasoned party planner. 🙂 

we started our afternoon of bachelorette festivities at smokey row, a favorite coffee shop of ours in oskaloosa, ia. we did a mini pamper party with a paraffin hand-wax dipping (and footing dipping that failed  miserably), played bingo, design a wedding dress out of toilet paper, wedding ord scrabble and mc had to answer 30 questions as if she were pat… when she got one wrong she had to put a piece of gum in her mouth. she was such a good sport! i would have gagged and not made it. 🙂

we then went to supper at a local formal dining restaurant in osky, the pepper tree. did i get my camera out once while there, nope… oops!

i went on to my grandparent’s for my grandpa’s birthday and then headed home. while the other ladies party-ed it hard at their hometown bar.

40 days and counting (til the wedding!!)



the 'wad' of gum... she did get a few wrong

the brides mama after dippin her hands in paraffin wax

the brides mama after dippin her hands in paraffin wax




back row: bridesmaids: karen, kylee, kami. bride: mc and me :)

back row: bridesmaids: karen, kylee, kami. bride: mc and me 🙂


the lei for the bride

the lei for the bride

the flower pens doubling as table decor

the flower pens doubling as table decor


the invites...

the invites...

  1. MC says:

    it was a WONDERFUL time, and as i’ve said before THANK YOU! I know my mom had a blast and it was so much fun!~ Loved it loved it loved it! 🙂 I miss having a friend that gets my sign, too! I try…but they don’t get it, haha…they just look at me funny! 🙂

    thank you thank you!!!!!!

  2. MC says:

    oh and also, Kylee was superimpressed with all that you did. she says if she gets married, she wants to hire you! hehe 🙂

  3. breanna says:

    lol too funny!! i *think* i could do it again… maybe my insecurity would slowly fade…

  4. stampit74 says:

    I had fun w/little Miss Lizzie Faith too….when I took her up to the kids section at the Book Vault, all she wanted to do was push the button on one of the potty training books! I didn’t buy it because I thought it should be a parental guidance purchase – in other words, I would ask you first! hehe She loves pushing buttons!

  5. breanna says:

    i know it! what a goon! she is strong enough to flush our toilet now, not just yours. she must of finally got it through her thick head cuz she hasn’t done it again… she has, i mean HAS to push the doorbell (which doesn’t even work) every time we enter the house through the front door. today while entering the house, 5 secs after she reaches for a quick push as we walk through the door, i ask her, do you have to push the doorbell every time. her reply in all seriousness, “yeesh”. alrighty then. i just laugh and move on. she is constantly getting reprimanded for attempting to control the dvd player and turn the tv with the remote, usually pointed at herself. which then doesn’t work so she starts waving it around like a lunatic. *sigh* what would i ever do without her.

  6. […] 2009 May 5 by breanna i posted this just a bit ago as a comment to my mom’s comment… then i realized, i wanted to remember this!!!! so here it is… what a goon! she is […]

  7. Amanda says:

    That is TOOOO funny. The last time we were at the book vault Henry played with that potty book the whole time we were there too. 🙂

    Lizzie are are lots of FUN!!!

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