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stuff happens

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madge meet “madge” i mean “breanna”  

the artist is my momma over at expressionswithheart she does pretty cool work, if i do say so myself. 

you may or may not have noticed, i haven’t really been blogging about progress on the house or really anything happening… (the mailbox doesn’t count… i’m talking about the house.)

here’s why. (i don’t even know where to begin…)

our hole is funky. it’s not the right size. we are going to have major water problems for the life of the home. we have to do major dirtwork that we (eric and i) weren’t aware of originally… after much venting and frustration – my mom emailed me a picture of this with a very encouraging note (to follow or maybe before this, i can’t remember. but her response was very personal but also tacked this on as a “lighten up your day” – which did so i wanted to share cuz it’s just so fitting!).  

since sunday night we’ve been sitting on a few options. we can start fresh. dig a new hole in front of the current hole. this would make our drive shorter. change up a few things that i really didn’t want to change up. besides, dig a new hole and do what with the old one (which is currently like 11 ft deep or something close to that).

needless to say. we were and are currently very very discouraged. 

this morning we met with another pro digger and went over our options. i won’t bore you anymore details i’ll just tell you what we decided. 

we mirror imaged our house plans. yep, we did. this might not seem major to you, it’s major to me. i think i’m ok with it. i’m not sure yet. when i’m finished with this post i’ll go back to staring at my current plan while i’m holding it up to the mirror and continue to try and envision myself walking through her. 

this way, we can use the current hole. this makes it so the walkout door is in the “right spot” for the valley that is currently naturally there. this also puts the walkout on the opposite side as the garage, which is what we needed in order to not blow our entire budget on fill (aka gravel). 

i like this best. why? because my drive will still be 200+ feet long (where a new hole would put it 130ish long). because, i initially picked this position for the house, because i like it. so i don’t want a new hole. also some new perks, when you drive up to my house, you’ll see my “house” first, not my garage but my house and porch and all the lovely of it, instead of the garage. blak! also when i sit on my porch and want to look to the north (where it’s prettiest) i can!! instead of that view being blocked because the garage sits farther forward than the house. this is a HUGE perk to me. 

some more bad news. in order to not have retaining walls i have to do this weird stair step thing with railroad ties. i think it will look nice, better than retaining walls and safer, but still – blak! i just wanted two good sledding hills, one on each side – but i guess that just won’t work. 😛 anyway that’s what these professionals are telling me. i’m still holding out… 

oh to top off the week (oh dear it’s only wednesday) – i got my juror summons letter form thingy that i fill out and return. i’m on the next 4 months that IF something were to come up, i would be called in for jury duty! AAAAAAH! eric’s just getting off his rotation and wasn’t called, so here’s hopin.


here’s the main floor plan mirrored… what do you think? anything i should change?picture-1