remeasuring and staking

Posted: 05/07/2009 in basement, house

last night eric and anthony worked late at their day job, took a quick break and headed out to the house to re-stake and re-measure the house and basement hole and such… it ended up taking a few hours. thanks for a musco light from my bil tim they were able to work past dark. 

i had to take a picture of anthony getting ready to go in the hole. now remember there is hardly any standing water in the hole, just a couple puddles. now i will give him this, there’s an area in the basement that hasn’t gotten a lot of sun. it’s pretty sticky and they usually do get stuck in this area… LOL but the rollin the pants up just cracks me up like you wouldn’t believe. (it’s typical that you just tuck your pants into your boots…) trust me, i need the laugh this week 🙂 sorry, anthony, that it is at your expense… kinda sorry… 




now in all seriousness. anthony has been a HUGE help and blessing to us! he makes eric laugh, which is much needed right now… not to even mention his willingness to pop out and help… thank you, tony!!

  1. stampit74 says:

    oh what a great picture! so glad you can see the fun things to get photos of…and great you have him to help you all remember to laugh!!!

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