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strawberry rhubarb crisp

Posted: 05/12/2009 in recipes

i wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out. the recipes i found online were drastically different. i had limited ingredients and i wanted to eat this when i was finished… i was doubting myself if it would even be eatable! you know since i’m posting it that it turned out beautifully! 🙂 

grease a 9×13 pan (i like real butter) 

mix together

1 lb chopped/sliced strawberries

3 lb chopped rhubarb

3/4 cup white sugar (organic)

1/3 cup flour (unbleached of course)

dump above in 9×13

in another bowl mix/pastry cuter up

3/4 cup brown sugar 

1 cup flour

1 stick of butter

once it’s course dump evenly over strawberry rhubarb and bake on 375 for 35-45 min. 

i didn’t even have to let it sit before i started shoveling in it’s goodness. it wasn’t runny at all so if you’d like more strawberries i think this recipe can handle the added liquid…

yesterday was quite the day. 

i headed to hayesville iowa for a dress fitting. i set out 2 hours before my appt. it took me less time than i thought to get there – i decided to stop at target on my way. i had some shoes to take back, somethings i wanted to look out… while i was parking i reminded myself, casually, to look for those mugs!

guess what they had!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh excitement!


we drove on to our appointment – it went horribly! there is no doubt in my mind that lizzie faith thought i was leaving her there. she clung. screamed. gaged. cried. oh it was horrible and embarrassing!  my portion of the dress fitting went much better than lizzie’s portion. *sigh* hoping and praying the wedding goes better than that! i’m confident it will!

lizzie faith fell asleep on the way to osky and hardly ate any lunch. she woke up not long after we got to my mom’s and we decided to run our errands first thing. i am so glad we did! i started my car and it sounded horrible! we called my brother in law and he came over on his lunch break and diagnosed. we called around to mechanics at home and they didn’t want to touch it! it sounded relatively simple so i baffled! dad was on his way home from a minnesota fishing trip and he called a mechanic in osky that he likes. i took it by there and this guy said the same thing as tim. said it’s going to take a couple days, have it done by the end of the week. quoted me a price. chatted a bit more. i felt completely comfortable! and decided to leave it in osky. my sister heather had offered me her old van to drive home… that made the situation sooo much less stressful!!!! so now we have more iowa license plate cars parked at our house at night than missouri… 🙂 hopefully that will change soon. 

we went on to check out my sister’s house! she has been working hard rearranging and getting new furniture! i am in LOVE with her new table! YAY for her! 11 yrs later she gets to purchase her first dining/kitchen table!! hammy down’s are blessings but not quite like getting the one you pick out and love. 🙂 it’s amazing how it completely changes the room! the feel and the look! loved it! 

i went back to mom’s, had some quick supper and headed home. i had a crazy girl who wasn’t minding and was exhausted. and still wasn’t eating… hmmm…

we took off for home, made a quick stop at my mom’s friends house to deliver some stuff to her from my mom and cruised home in the minivan. 🙂 

when we got home, my sister amanda and bil tim and nephew henry were there!! that was so fun!! tim was helping eric with our driveway while eric did some weed-wacking around the hole and such. the hay grows really really fast!!! thanks for comin guys! 🙂 

the diggers are supposed to be done by noon today! WOOHOO! i’m not sure what that means since there’s so much rain in the forecast this week, but they are done! and that excites me! 🙂 

when we got home from the site, i changed lizzie’s diaper and it was a doozy!! somebody doesn’t feel very good! which explains a lot of her attitude yesterday! hoping she’s on the mend today!

also hoping today is nonevent-full! i dunno about you but i’m exhausted!