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adair county tornadoes

Posted: 05/14/2009 in life, pictures

this happened last night before 6pm. they announced this morning there are at least 3 casualties to these 4 tornadoes which touched down in adair county. 

this is our neighboring county (where i do our grocery shopping and some of you may know truman state university which is also in kirksville). 

there was one tornado that was said to touch down in greentop on hwy k but i haven’t seen any pictures or know exactly where. i think that would be about 10-15 min from here. 

last night they said the hospital was overwhelmed and they had transported over 27 people to the hospital by 6:30pm. also at 6:30pm they called in rescue help from all neighboring counties to ask for help from all firefighters to rescue the people that were trapped in their homes… so sad!