Posted: 05/17/2009 in basement, house, me

my least favorite thing to do is eat beef when there is something delicious to eat like, strawberry rhubarb crisp! YUM! this week, i didn’t do so well eating well and it was just a touch stressful. looking back, it was a bit more overwhelming than i realized. i thought i was handling it just fine. te he! riiiiiiiight!

so i got a bit, down in the dumps, should we say. 

or maybe, weak and inmobile. 

or feverish and shakey. 

you get the drift?

so i’m feeling better with some help 🙂 and eating every hour and drinking lots of water. 

my body just kind of crashes. it goes into survival mode when i slack in this eating and drinking and stress area and then when it crashes, it crashes pretty hard. this salt and water imbalance is a pretty big deal to my body, i guess. 😛 i think it’s all over rated!

this morning, i decided to stay home from church and not over do it and push my body back into the shakes and such. this afternoon we are going to go grocery shopping. hoping it won’t be over doing it so much since eric is coming with me. we need to try and get a tire for this skidloader. somehow we managed to ruin one. 🙂 we’re goooooood! then eric is hoping to stake out the house and shoot it with the transit it and make sure it’s level completely and doesn’t need an inch off here or there. that’s about all we can do until it dries out some more. so a grocery run he is free to do. 

i hope you all have a blessed sunday. i’m off to do some Bible studying while i’m home alone (eric and the kiddo went to church – aaaah silence).



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