footings: pouring concrete

Posted: 05/23/2009 in basement, house


the footings are poured! yay! 

thanks to: my hubs!, tim s (my dad), ben (my bil), tim d. (my bil), anthony (eric’s bro), denny (eric’s pops), and gene (eric’s uncle). did i forget anyone?! i hope not! thanks you guys (and wives and children for sharing and sacrificing too)!!!! 

we are beat. 

in a way we have never been before. 

we are so stressed. 

stressed, is also taking on a new meaning. 

we’ll survive right?

i just don’t know how. i can’t live off emotional support and rescue 5. somehow i have got to get a grip! :/

oh yes, the footings are poured! YAY! 

we do have a water leak. the plumber thought he fixed it but nope, still leaking. :/ kinda nervous about that but trying not to think about it! i’m focusing on the fact that we finally got the footings poured!!! yay! 

let’s not focus on how sunburnt we are even when we put healing oil on (version of sunblock), how sleep deprived we are, how we (me specifically) are hardly eating and nauseous all the time from silly stress, or that i can’t seem to ever get our checkbook to balance, or that the car needs new brakes and rotors now too and still needs a new blower motor for the ac…  should i keep going or stop?

this is why i haven’t been blogging lately.  cuz it just makes me all stressed stopping and thinking about what is going on. *sigh*

*ok, so you see the picture of the dirt… well that’s where the concrete truck drove down into the walkout part of the basement and almost TIPPED OVER. i am so very thankful i wasn’t there. above you will have find a partial list of the reasons why i’m having anxiety issues. can you imagine what viewing this would have done to me. *gasp* eric said that truck was so very close to tipping over. he has never seen anything that close to tipping over and it not tip. eek!

  1. stampit74 says:

    sounds like you’re a good candidate for the funny farm!!! oh, not really! I’m sorry….think of it as the nine months of pregnancy….soon it will be over and look what you get!!! woohoo!
    I LOVE the picture you posted of LF in her jean skirt…she’s so super cute when top it off w/the hat! I can already see myself dashing down to visit you in your new house! Hang in there, you’re a trooper….Go EAT something now!
    your bossy mother!

  2. stampit74 says:

    start thinking about scrapbooking these pictures, maybe that will help get your mind off the yuk things that need fixing!

  3. jenifriend says:

    the progress looks amazing! thank God for providing you all good weather to work in! oh how i love you breanna and hope your stress can disipate…i do understand how you must be feeling right now…i still get that way several months after moving in…things WILL get better soon i promise!!

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