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my mom snapped these photos as they were walking out the door a couple days ago… 

she’s such a goof.  


she really isn’t mad, she is “smiling” or so she thinks. lol

color color color

Posted: 05/26/2009 in paint - color

i’ve been waiting 4 years to add color to my life. 

here’s my first itty bitty chance. 

it’s raining. our hole is a mud pit. eric and my dad did what they could yesterday out there and now it’s just waiting around until it’s dry again before we can do anything else. 

my husband is thrilled! (sarcasm) i thought of something he could do while he was waiting!!! 

paint the exterior doors!! 

(now some of you may think this is crazy because they will get scuffed up and such while this is still a construction zone. i. don’t. care. they will get scuffed up from our daily life and need repainting many many many times. :))

first on my list was to come to terms with this house really being a charcoal color not a brownish color.

greyish house whie trim

(i did. not. want. a. grey. house. but then i go and fall in love with a picture that IS grey… so funny!) so now that i’ve accomplished that. i can move on to what i want the doors to be painted on the exterior side.  

here’s what i’m thinking… smokey blue (second down from the top) i LOVE velvet evening too. what do you think?Picture 2