the final mailbox extraction

Posted: 05/27/2009 in fun, life, pictures

4:00 am. 

hubby up to get to work by 5:00 am

4:45 am. 

i wake up to a horrible noise. this sounds something like a noise i heard at this exact time yesterday morning. strange. think to self, “what in the world is my husband doing?” i go back to sleep. 

later, eric calls to tell me he heard the noise and ran outside to see what in the world happened. to find nothing much. noticed the mailbox was missing so assumed it had something to do with that. 

headed back inside. 

dude is walking/running (can’t remember) towards him yelling “wait, man!” 

he proceeds to tell eric he just broke up with his girlfriend and went for a drive to blow off steam. he came around a corner too quickly, right (passenger) tire blew out and he lost control and went into the ditch.


oooh to be 20 and in love and stay up all night and do crazy things… so funny!!!

i’m very proud of him for being so honest!

it was a bumpy ride too. hoping you can see from the pictures. 

his car is the blue car and our mailbox is underneath it. 


he drove a good block away from our house before stopping. *puzzled*

we do have a mailbox out at our new “house” so we decided instead of replacing this mailbox for the third time we’ll just go ahead and change address. this mailbox obviously does not want to live with us anymore. 

  1. Tim Sparks says:

    You know it’s really not his fault. It is because it rained so much and that girlfriend of his!! It’s really all her fault. Just send the bill to her for the yard work and the mailbox.

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