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so today is a bloggin day, i guess… eek! sorry to overwhelm! 

eric got the pump down and running… thank you uncle phil for your connections!!!! 

i think he’ll be pumping water all night and then some… 😦 but the good news is all the ground besides are hole and walk out is dry! i even drove right up to the hole… what does this benefit?? simply that i don’t have to walk 200 ft to get to the hole to take pictures. *sigh* 

lizzie faith {21 months}

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100_2456 “whatcha doin’ mom” says lizzie.

“trying to take pictures of you playing… so would you go play already.” says mom. 

crockpot lasagna

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** updated

so you may think this is a bit premature since i haven’t actually ate it… but it smells so stinkin good – i am confident my opinion will not change. 

here she is… cooking on high for 3-4 hours (depending on how tender you like your pasta)

100_2448 here’s the recipe: crock pot lasagna by (thanks to my sis, who emailed me this recipe and who is probably gagging thinking about all this sauce… oh to be 8+ months preggers! :))

can i make anything without changing the recipe? nope! you’ve figured that out by now, i’m sure! 

i used a jar and a quarter of my favorite spaghetti sauce, prego traditional 

i used, ooooooh maybe 10 noodles uncooked. i broke them up to fit and such, so i didn’t really count but i didn’t even use half of a box… 

i used almost a whole package of whole milk mozzarella cheese

one lb of hamburger browned

this took me 2o min to throw together… that is including browning the hamburger. 

it’s very basic. just how we like it!


** update:

i dunno, maybe i crockpot is “super-crockpot!” but i cooked it on high for an hour and a half and turned it on “keep warm” for the next two hours… i also added another 1/4th of the jar of sauce on top then another 1/4 if a package (1 lb) oh cheese… the cheese inside disappears, so i wouldn’t add tons inside like i did… i’d put it on top or something… it was good though!!!

on the home front we’ve been pretty discouraged again. 

the sun is out today… wow, how this helps our spirits!!

the basement hole is once again a pool. 

eric is currently hanging a garage door in a nearby town and then headed back home to hook up a pump to get that water out of there… hoping the sun will bake my hole to be just right… dry enough to walk in comfortably and get equipment around, yet not too dry that we are using pickaxes to do the plumbing… 

once it’s dry. 

eric will clean out the basement (we’ve had some cave in’s).

re-stake and string to find the exact place the icf’s need placed on the footings because it’s not just in the center of the footing… 

then he will run his first course (row) of icf’s (the walls).

he’ll then have his exact “walls” to go off of to make the pipes exactly in the right spots so they are hidden in walls and we don’t have to determine where the interior basement walls go according to where we need to hide the pipes. 

then, i think we get to pour the gravel down over the entire basement floor and then, oh finally then we won’t be so stuck when it rains… we should be able to work after it rains instead of waiting for days for it to dry… we will have to wait a few days after rain to pour the concrete walls BUT since we will have a pump truck it won’t be as crucial that it be dessert like conditions as long as we have our gravel down for our driveway. 

can you hear the hope in my voice??? 🙂 i can!!!!!





(i won’t mention that 2 days ago we hit our 6 month mark. we have 6 months left to finish the house… this deadline is determine by the bank… we believe we will be penalized if we don’t have it finished by the first day in january of 2010. boy, 2010 sounds far away, but not when i think of it in terms of finishing a house that is currently non-existent!  did i also mention that lizzie faith will be TWO in 3 1/2 months! wow!!!!!) 


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it was way past time for a new do… 

i’m the type that waits 3 months after the style is no longer a style and it’s just flat, over grown, straight, and up in a pony for it’s safety (someone is liable to walk past me with the scissors and chop chop chop cuz it’s so bad) before i break down and go get a hair appt. 

yesterday was the day. eric and i both got the scissors. 

his looks very clean cut and manly. 😀 and of course, “cool”. the day they were pouring concrete he was very sorry he had told abby (hair stylist) to leave some untamed… then it’s longer, curly (which i love) and HOT (which he can’t handle). so he got the clippers… 

i on the other hand feel like i got the clippers. it’s so short. it’s honestly only been this short one other time that i can remember and it was a BAD style! it was not long after we got married and it was all wrong and not at all what i wanted… i couldn’t style it. it was just horrible. the only time i remember crying over my hair. i made myself sick even… crazy! 

this, this i like. i showered last night and styled myself and it looked just the way abby did it. when does that happen??!!! when a good stylist cuts it right! imo! my hair has a mind of it’s own and if you don’t cut it to work with that mind, you are in for a long hard battle that you will LOSE. guaranteed! 

alrighty, i’ll hush it up and attach the goofy pictures i took last night. right now i have it partially up with a barrette with that poof lil bubble at the top instead of parted down the side… cute! AND it keeps it from falling in my face while i pick up toys and vacuum! i’m really glad i decided not to get the bangs… 

oh, one more thing! lizzie faith was there with me, she kept pointing at me and just jabbering… it had been too long since i’d had my last cut… she obviously hadn’t remembered. last night she wouldn’t stop talking about my hair, pointing, jabbering, climbing up on my lap and touching it and patting it while jabbering. if you ask her if she likes my hair, she’ll nod her head and start  pointing all over again. i just know she’s telling you how it came to be this short. 🙂 if you ask her if her momma is pretty in her new hair cut, she’ll tell you “yersh” without hesitance. 😀 what a q-t! i’m sure she’s not even a bit biased!!!