progress? maybe!!!!!

Posted: 06/03/2009 in basement, house, icf (insulated concrete forms), lizzie faith

on the home front we’ve been pretty discouraged again. 

the sun is out today… wow, how this helps our spirits!!

the basement hole is once again a pool. 

eric is currently hanging a garage door in a nearby town and then headed back home to hook up a pump to get that water out of there… hoping the sun will bake my hole to be just right… dry enough to walk in comfortably and get equipment around, yet not too dry that we are using pickaxes to do the plumbing… 

once it’s dry. 

eric will clean out the basement (we’ve had some cave in’s).

re-stake and string to find the exact place the icf’s need placed on the footings because it’s not just in the center of the footing… 

then he will run his first course (row) of icf’s (the walls).

he’ll then have his exact “walls” to go off of to make the pipes exactly in the right spots so they are hidden in walls and we don’t have to determine where the interior basement walls go according to where we need to hide the pipes. 

then, i think we get to pour the gravel down over the entire basement floor and then, oh finally then we won’t be so stuck when it rains… we should be able to work after it rains instead of waiting for days for it to dry… we will have to wait a few days after rain to pour the concrete walls BUT since we will have a pump truck it won’t be as crucial that it be dessert like conditions as long as we have our gravel down for our driveway. 

can you hear the hope in my voice??? 🙂 i can!!!!!





(i won’t mention that 2 days ago we hit our 6 month mark. we have 6 months left to finish the house… this deadline is determine by the bank… we believe we will be penalized if we don’t have it finished by the first day in january of 2010. boy, 2010 sounds far away, but not when i think of it in terms of finishing a house that is currently non-existent!  did i also mention that lizzie faith will be TWO in 3 1/2 months! wow!!!!!) 

  1. stampit74 says:

    oh wow! two doesn’t seem possible until I see her and then I know she’s almost there!
    BIG grin!

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