crockpot lasagna

Posted: 06/03/2009 in pictures, recipes

** updated

so you may think this is a bit premature since i haven’t actually ate it… but it smells so stinkin good – i am confident my opinion will not change. 

here she is… cooking on high for 3-4 hours (depending on how tender you like your pasta)

100_2448 here’s the recipe: crock pot lasagna by (thanks to my sis, who emailed me this recipe and who is probably gagging thinking about all this sauce… oh to be 8+ months preggers! :))

can i make anything without changing the recipe? nope! you’ve figured that out by now, i’m sure! 

i used a jar and a quarter of my favorite spaghetti sauce, prego traditional 

i used, ooooooh maybe 10 noodles uncooked. i broke them up to fit and such, so i didn’t really count but i didn’t even use half of a box… 

i used almost a whole package of whole milk mozzarella cheese

one lb of hamburger browned

this took me 2o min to throw together… that is including browning the hamburger. 

it’s very basic. just how we like it!


** update:

i dunno, maybe i crockpot is “super-crockpot!” but i cooked it on high for an hour and a half and turned it on “keep warm” for the next two hours… i also added another 1/4th of the jar of sauce on top then another 1/4 if a package (1 lb) oh cheese… the cheese inside disappears, so i wouldn’t add tons inside like i did… i’d put it on top or something… it was good though!!!

  1. aj says:

    I just made it yesterday. 🙂 It was supper easy. I did use the cottage cheese and it was good. I will do more cheese next time. Mine burned on the bottom a bit and so you will want to turn it to low. Also it doesn’t reheat well. 😦 Yuck. It was good I will be doing it again!!

  2. Traci says:

    Sign me up for the gagging too! roflol Although I’m sure it would be good not pregnant, but the only sauce I can handle is lightly sauced pizza. Everything else sounds pretty gross most of the time. And to think Pasta dishes are my favorite :-0
    I’ll have to try it this winter, I’m sure it’ll be good!!

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