Posted: 06/08/2009 in favorites

i’ve been reading mckmama for quite some time now… she’s pretty cool. i love her ways and of course her humor and her faith… 

i added her to my blogroll – scroll down on the right… mckmama 

used to think I was defined by my cloth diapering, babywearing, organic eating, acrylic painting, woods dwelling, fast talking, vaccination delaying, color obsessing, Frozen Tundra residing, nose piercing, amateur gardening, baby food making, photograph taking, faraway traveling, baby making, high school swimming, tattoo designing, medical detail memorizing, non-circumcising, lakeside living, college soccer playing, small government believing, pro-life advocating, television abandoning, extended breastfeeding, German speaking, deep thinking, former art teaching and baby cosleeping ways. 

Now, although I may choose to still do those things, I will simply be MckMama, a sinner saved by the King’s grace, wife to my Prince, mother of Many Small Children. 

go check her out.

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