work… rain. work… rain.

Posted: 06/08/2009 in basement, house, icf (insulated concrete forms)

i’m starting to think this whole rain business is God’s way of making sure we don’t burn ourselves out… seems we can work for a couple days and then have to take 2-4 days off due to the rain. 

this is so not the ideal way to build a house. 

although the guys are doing the best they can under the circumstances and doing the most they can do when they can. 

we have one itty bitty pile of gravel. we have trenches for the plumbing under the basement floor. we have lots of plumbing pipes and fittings. we have 2 trailer loads of icf’s out there. the first course of icf’s are on the footings. we need to place the pipes in the trenches, put gravel over that. wait for the basement ground to dry like it does, the hardest clay or as close to concrete as dirt can possibly get. then dump gravel over the entire basement floor. 

then i think we can start assembling the basement walls. *gasp* FINALLY! 

BUT before you get too anxious. it rained a TON last night… not supposed to rain tomorrow, but it is supposed to rain wednesday. lovely. the hour-by-hour says through the entire day. this means, what?! tonight eric will be out pumping water out of the hole (i imagine) hoping it dries out some tomorrow while it’s not raining, just in time for it to rain all day wednesday. thursday will be pumping water out again. friday, maybe friday night it will be dry enough to do something… 

saturday = a wedding… a no work day. 

see why we get so frustrated?? it rains and we can’t do anything for 2 days, then it rains again, can’t do anything for another 2 days. GR GR GR! 

but honestly, we are in good spirits. 😀

tim did some work with skip the skidloader and it’s drying much faster these days… we’ll get past this. i think we’ll have to break some records to get the house done by jan. 1 though… 



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