i am back to lovin’ the bank…

Posted: 06/10/2009 in house

i finally caved yesterday morning and decided not knowing was not giving me the security i needed anymore.

i enjoy denial… sometimes… and this was one instance. don’t judge me.

we won’t be monetarily penalized if we aren’t able to finish the house by jan. 1st due to the weather.


what a relief!!!!!!!!!

although, my emotions about this bit of info are mixed.

i still want to live upstairs by christmas. i’ve got one holiday that i find a big deal – that’s christmas. would you want a christmas tree in a styrofoam basement with no rooms? didn’t think so. don’t judge me. i’ve been dreaming of christmas in my OWN house for years. is it what christmas is all about – nope – would i feel like i could make it more special for my family – yep.

i still want to be out of here SOON and in my new house SOONER!

but after spending the day convincing myself that we aren’t slowing down or taking any more breathers than the rain is giving us – that this bit of info isn’t an ‘out’ and we will be in as soon as we can. now that i believe those words, we will be in as soon as we can. i find this bit of information a HUGE relief.

although, my husband still says his goal is for us to be  in by thanksgiving… i know what planet is he from???!!! but half of me believes he won’t sleep until it’s done when he can start. so it kinda scares me he would literally kill himself tryin…



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