{mary catherine and pat}

Posted: 06/14/2009 in life, lizzie faith, pictures

mc and pat had a pretty big day yesterday… i’m disappointed that i didn’t have my camera glued to me. i really struggled taking pictures though. it was very dark and my weeny digital camera flash just couldn’t handle it. not to mention, i had a hard enough time keeping track of my bouquet. 🙂 it ended up being a gorgeous day weather-wise and i hope it was the best day of their lives. 😀


(thanks marie for a some GREAT photos :))

  1. MC says:

    wonderful photos! Thanks for EVERYTHING! And for helping us celebrate! 🙂 It was truly my fairytale 🙂 and love how lizzie always ends up with something of mine that’s red. the girl has an eye for color 😉

  2. MC says:

    thanks for taking the shoe picture!!! 🙂

  3. breanna says:

    welcome!!! 😦 she does!! she really likes red!!! she wants to keep looking at these pictures! she keeps pointing at you only!

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