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Posted: 07/31/2009 in life

i should really blog again soon…

like a real blog post.

something deep.

something meaningful.

maybe tomorrow!!

oh goodness!

Posted: 07/24/2009 in house

guess what eric ordered yesterday!!!!

wait for it…


so this may seem silly to you! but for someone who has been waiting since APRIL for progress this is HUGE!!!! 😀


Posted: 07/23/2009 in health

this is extremely encouraging to me. surely this won’t pass! i know this is just a facebook poll but it still lifts my spirits a touch.

Picture 1

i’m determined!!

i will not let the rain get me down!

i woke up around 6:30 this morning to a thunderstorm and prayed, Lord please don’t let it rain all day! and went back to sleep…

8am (i don’t normally sleep this late but i have a sore throat today and thought i should get as much sleep as i can!) i wake up again to the sun shining! sweeeeeeeeeeet! that kind of rain i can handle for a couple weeks but then it does need to be dry for a few days in a row again for each of our pours (2 more to go).

i seriously think since we’ve been getting so much rain we shouldn’t get ANY snow this winter! let me see a show of hands!! that’s what i thought. i sure hope God is paying attention to this unanimous vote!!

off to see what i can do about this sore throat and get some breakfast into these hungry bellies of ours.

happy thursday!


life goes on…

Posted: 07/21/2009 in life

i feel like we’ve reached a sense of normalcy after weeks of feeling like there is no routine or security in consistency which are things i greatly depend on. i had no idea how much until this current season in my life.

last night was a very nice evening. it felt like we are a cute lil family again. eric mowed while lizzie and i played outside with the neighbor gal visiting. she’s six. and bummed that lizzie doesn’t know how to play her tag and hide and seek games. i was trying to sweep and brush the dog but this lil gal was quite adamant that i stop working and play too! 🙂

i’ve been doing a lot of reading and a lot of laundry… the toys seems to be an ever present object under my feet these days. i think that the reading is to blame. but goodness! if you’ve ever read redeeming love by francine rivers then you would have neglected the toys for a day in order to finish the book. 🙂

the past week has been the break we have been waiting for since april. a chance to accomplish something major without spending days pumping water… it’s gloomy today. i have dubbed today a “reading day”. lol but my spirits are high. the concrete is curing and tonight (or tomorrow night depending on the amount of rain we get today), eric is planning on tearing down the icf bracing and supports and start prepping the basement floor for another load of fill rock and to pour the basement floor. if the weather stays fairly clear and there is no torrential rain we will be able to pour the basement floor monday or not long after. we are finally at the point where there are several things that can be done at one given time. so if it does rain and the basement floor needs water pumped out there is much to do elsewhere on the house while the floor dries. this is such good news! 🙂

maybe this is the motivation i need to get to packing. maybe that’s a bit premature. i’ve been struggling with disbelief. thinking and believing we won’t end up with a house – so what’s the sense in packing… but reality is slowly setting in. there will be a house. it just may not be in 2009 and let’s hope there is one in 2010. lol (jk i KNOW that i will be living in my own house in 2010 just maybe not before 12/10… 😉 surely it will stop raining long enough… remind me how long i’ve been saying, “surely it will stop raining soon!”)

alrighty – i need to talk about one other thing. have any of you been subject to this us census interview that takes almost 30 min?? i couldn’t be more curious!!! i’m a lil blown away with the private questions that i was expected to answer. i won’t mention the way i was treated by one of their employees in the process…

anyway! there is a poopy diaper that keeps wafting in my direction and i imagine the lil lady that is wearing the diaper is more miserable than me. i better go save her from herself! 🙂


here are the pictures from this mornings pour. we poured the basement walls, next is the basement concrete floor and then the second “story” or above grade/main floor. it’s slowly starting to feel like a house!

these are some pictures from this past week. the pump truck is scheduled to arrive in ten min. (6:30am) and the concrete at 7am… more pictures to follow.