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Posted: 07/23/2009 in health

this is extremely encouraging to me. surely this won’t pass! i know this is just a facebook poll but it still lifts my spirits a touch.

Picture 1

i’m determined!!

i will not let the rain get me down!

i woke up around 6:30 this morning to a thunderstorm and prayed, Lord please don’t let it rain all day! and went back to sleep…

8am (i don’t normally sleep this late but i have a sore throat today and thought i should get as much sleep as i can!) i wake up again to the sun shining! sweeeeeeeeeeet! that kind of rain i can handle for a couple weeks but then it does need to be dry for a few days in a row again for each of our pours (2 more to go).

i seriously think since we’ve been getting so much rain we shouldn’t get ANY snow this winter! let me see a show of hands!! that’s what i thought. i sure hope God is paying attention to this unanimous vote!!

off to see what i can do about this sore throat and get some breakfast into these hungry bellies of ours.

happy thursday!