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the plan, right now, is to pour the basement floor on thursday.

then backfill.

install/build the main floor/basement ceiling.

start assembling the main level/above grade icf walls, brace and pour.

they will then install the rafters and start the roofing.

at this point they will stop and install some basic plumbing and wiring. install the basement toilet and sink. all this while breanna is packing and moving… 🙂 we’re thinking this will take 8 weeks and we’ll be living in that basement… maybe i should start packing today… i just don’t even know where to start… *sigh*

then they will start building interior walls. can you imagine! WALLS!!!!! lol

i know, i’m pathetic!

will it ever stop raining?

Posted: 08/04/2009 in basement

Picture 7i’m glad we have the pump truck scheduled to pour the basement floor thursday since it seems every other day this week it’s raining. oh and don’t let today’s forecast fool you. it’s been raining/storming since 5am… hopefully that’s not going to be thursday’s destiny too!

no, you detected no bitterness in my tone…

none! what-so-ever.