i think we have a mole

Posted: 08/05/2009 in basement, house

yesterday a lot was accomplished at the house. we’ll start with the positive, shall we!?!

now for the negative.

in the last post i showed you a picture of the basement floor ready for concrete.

since then it’s rained everyday/night.

this creates a pretty big problem.

you can’t pour concrete over the wetness and trap the water underneath the plastic and the ground to continually seep up into your basement… or think of it like this, pouring concrete on a waterbed. it will shift and crack. so the pros have told us. *sigh*

so far it looks like we have to pull the rebar up and the plastic and let it bake in the sun and then redo and pour immediately!! so we need 3-4 days IN A ROW with 100% sun. please pray.

this is not set in stone yet, we still are seeking more professional advice, but it’s looking highly probable that this will be the case and the above will take place.

in the mean time, i’m packing and repacking and preparing for a HUGE garage sale. it may not be as huge as some you’ve been to0 – but for me – it’s HUGE and a lot of work! any volunteers??? no worries, i’m calling my mil for help!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ i was originally thinking not this saturday but next but now i’m thinking that’s not enough time to go through every nook and cranny of this house… oh goodness! i hope it’s worth it!

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