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pouring the basement floor

Posted: 08/13/2009 in basement, house

today we were able to pour the floor for our basement! oh thank heavens!!! no more pumping water! this has us so excited! you. have. no. idea.! LOL

everything went picture perfect, well except at the end when we ran out of concrete. oh yea, that wasn’t fun! :/ but the concrete company pulled through for us and came with more (30 min away) in good time and quick enough that we didn’t have to pay the pump truck overtime. thank you, Lord!!! it was an “oops”, but nothing to complain about, that’s for sure!

we are so blessed!!! so many people are giving up their family time for us. this is such a blessing to us!

today: russ, brad, denny, anthony, and gene helped us. on a weekly basis we have help from my bother-in-laws tim and ben and my dad, along with denny and anthony. all their help is priceless!!!! thank you so much!!