i won, i won!

Posted: 08/17/2009 in lizzie faith

i’ve given her almost 2 YEARS to get over the hair accessory phoebia.

i haven’t pushed her much.

there wasn’t really a solid purpose, in my mind.

i picked other battles.

one day, i decided it was time.

she has enough hair.

and she LOVES bling.

so after a 10 min pleading cry, she looks at herself in the mirror and decides it might be alright.

next time, after 5 minutes of pleading trying to convince me this clippy is going to kill her, she gives up and says “pretty” when she looks in the mirror.

the next time, no pleading, just “pretty”. 😀

i won!

no body died!


this might not seem like much to you.

but if you’ve had a lil one like this lil one…

this is HUGE!

  1. Shonya says:

    How cute! Kiana is used to hair accessories–she’s had them since birth practically! 🙂 She points to them and says ‘pretty’. 🙂 It’s nice LF is such a doll with OR without the ‘pretties’!

  2. Britt says:

    Cuteness =-) Yay for winning!

    I don’t put pretties in my girls’ hair .. because they would take them out and eat them. I just enjoy doing the pigtails and braids, while they last =-)

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