movin movin movin

Posted: 08/30/2009 in house

i totally wish we were moving today!!!

but today we are moving the icf’s out of the back garage and the attached garage to the new house to assemble there tomorrow while they are being assembled into walls. last time i assembled them all then we moved them, but this time we thought we’d see if it’s faster to move them all broke down and assemble there. hoping lizzie helps me or plays really well tomorrow. this cool weather will really help both of our stamina. lizzie gets so red and flushed and i get so “fainty” in the hot sun. not good! but this early fall weather is SUPER! no complaints here!

eric has decided to take at least a few full days this week to work on our house. i’m really excited about that. we’ll be pouring the upstairs walls in just a few days then! EEK!

yesterday the dad’s and eric got the decking down and painted. now that there is a “roof” on the basement we’ll be installing the toilet and sink (if i have my way, much sooner than later!) and of course the electrical panel, ground rods and all that jazz.


dad brought me a sample gallon of a paint color i’m considering for the exterior. it’s dark, but remember i will have wide white trim and white garage doors and a gorgeous blue door. it’s fox black by sherwin williams. i looked at their swatch online and it is not at all what it looks like in person so i don’t want to even show you. but i’m trying to match the picture in my old post that is linked above… i hope it turns out right! i’m so nervous about it!!!

alrighty, chicken is up from her nap and laying on the floor saying “poop” waiting her diaper to be changed!

  1. stampit74 says:

    I call that color taupe…I love that picture!

  2. breanna says:

    really taupe??? even that dark???

  3. Chelsea says:

    MORE rear-end pictures.. 😉

  4. breanna says:

    no seriously. i was showing eric this picture yesterday before i posted it and i said the very same second i got the camera out, all three of them turned and walked away. no joke!!!!!!! LOL

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