Archive for 08/31/2009

today we’ve been out putting forms together for the main floor walls.

there’s a plank that runs from the ground to the decking/floor of the house. we haven’t had time to back fill yet so there’s quite a drop. i wasn’t sure how i was going to get anything done. lizzie will obey and stay where i put her but she needs visual boundaries to help her! so we made a lil icf “play pin”.

she did attempt to escape twice. she was “reminded” NOT to go outside this area even if there was a “walkway”. lil escapee. she just wanted to see what her daddy, papa denny, and uncle anthony were doing (can’t you see those pouty brown eyes beggin’) –  i. don’t. think. so. i’m so glad i was keeping such a close eye! she’s never been put in a situation like this where it’s a REALLY big deal that she obeys and that she doesn’t have her cousins right there to follow suit. nor have we worked on obeying in new situations. we haven’t been in any for months – so this was a good challenge for us! 🙂