Posted: 09/10/2009 in me

me in a nutshell during the day…


me in a nutshell at night…


exciting, huh! don’t you wish you were me???!

this happens every time i get really really stressed. my pathetic immune system just can’t keep up and i CRASH! i’m seriously surprised we are this far into home building and i’m just now crashing. what a blessing that is. here’s prayin’ that this is the last time i crash while we are home building. who wants to bet i crash again the week we are moving into the basement???!!!

the stress is more than simply building a house. will you pray with me that my husband finds work (he’s a self employed contractor)? we’re doing our best to trust and follow God’s lead during this time.  but your prayers are coveted!

  1. stampit74 says:

    hey, you can’t talk about betting in one paragraph and be praying in the next! hehe
    ahhhhh, sorry for the crash…keep taking good care of yourself!!! I’d crash a long w/you! I hate moving! Praying with you, for sure!

  2. jenifriend says:

    have you been taking daily vitamin c?! if not then get on it; that’ll help to keep your immune system kicking even when you’re stressed. and chamomile babydoll…that works wonders in alleviating my stress…not to mention maybe a glass of wine. 🙂

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