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lizzie faith got a present from grandma penny this morning.

it was love at first sight!

this new puppy has already gotten roughed up a bit.

he has been fed strawberries.

been squeezed-to-death during nap time.

and simply been dragged through every room of the house doing whatever lizzie faith is doing. if she’s sitting at her mini-me table, doodle has his own chair; if she’s drinking milk, you better believe doodle got a sip… my favorite is when she just sits and pets his head and back and stares in his dark brown eyes.

he’s found a lil place my heart too. he’s really really cute!

we think his name is “doodle” it comes out more like “dooder” when lizzie faith says it. she calls him “puppy” more than anything else so we’ll see what sticks.

we’ve had a really fun day so far.

auntie colors and her crew (plus henry) called and sang lizzie “happy birthday” over the phone. she was all smiles during that. since then we’ve sang it at least 20 x’s. it’s SO funny to hear her sing it to herself while she tootles through the house. lizzie even got a shout out from ukraine. she’s one popular girl. 😉


what a difference a year makes. i haven’t cried… yet. how can you when she’s constant giggles and smiles.


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