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i’m sitting here thinking and poking around on the computer doing mindless things. checking on blogs. getting up-to-date on facebook… wondering if all this work was seriously for $70!!!!!!? i opened the garage sale yesterday as soon as i was ready and closed around 6:30pm so i could run and get groceries… i’m up early this saturday morning ready to open up my garage but it’s pouring. what to do, what to do. my signs are all still out. everything is in the garage. i can open, but will anyone come?? what a bummer! i guess i’ll leave this set up for next weekend too. *sigh* i’m thankful for the ability to make some money back on junk we’ve accumulated over the years, but this is. not. my. favorite thing!

we’re had a lot going on here.

eric has been working in osky with my dad (another thing i’m extremely thankful for!) and lizzie and i have been driving him on the days we are able. we enjoy spending the day with aunties, cousins and gma and of course i get some of our groceries there so i usually have to do some shopping too. this week we got the car fixed (the blower was out and made this horrible squeal noise!)! this will make early morning drives to osky much more comfortable! it’s really cold at 5:30am!!! (we didn’t have any heat or ac) i’m REALLY anxious to get to osky this week. 🙂 i’ll tell ya why later. 😉

i’ve been reading a lot this summer. i’ve been borrowing books from the library and mom. they are a super team. mom will buy the first book labeled a novel and then they will put out a sequel and she forgets about how good the first book was by the time the second comes out (a BIG negative to buying books when they come out!). but so far, i’ll get hooked on it and can’t do anything else til i get the second book and i haul off to see dianna at the library and she’s got it! shwoo! this has happened a couple times. she’s saved my hubby $20 so far. 😉  my latest is kristen heitzmann secrets and unforgotten. good stuff! not the typical christian romance novel. i’m telling ya, good stuff.

lizzie is HUGE. have i mentioned that? she’s in 3t clothes and size 7 shoes. sorting through all her baby things for the garage sale really emphasized her huge-ness. *sigh* where does the time go? oh yes and for the record, the toddler switch, switched on a couple days after her 2nd birthday. whoever told her how toddlers are supposed to misbehave is gonna die!  no, in truth, we’ve just been running around here like chickens (ya know, with no heads) and haven’t been spending the time together, training, cuddling, loving, reading… so that’s on the agenda this week. reset those boundaries, re-stake this tomater. that is, before i. kill. her. 😉 just kiddin. it’s not that bad..

on the home front. we’ve decided not to move into the basement til mid october. why? because there is currently standing water in my basement. yep, we haven’t been able to finish the sheeting and roofing since all it’s done this week is rain (or so it seems). so i’m SO thankful for a dry roof over our heads and will patiently wait until my hubby gives us a green light to move. it may be a very chaotic week coming up, but i just bought a new bottle of l-theanine so i should at least be able to remain somewhat calm. 🙂

have you noticed there’s a TON of negative news in the media right now about vaccines (so i’ve heard from the internet)?! crazy! it’s been a while since they’ve spun the negative stuff… two that i’ve noticed highly broadcasted as deadly vaccines are the gardisil and swine flu. i’m thankful for this. but sure wish the media would just keep their hands to themselves still!!! there always trying to convince someone of something. so thankful we don’t watch tv and i don’t feel this influence anymore! 😀

welp, even though it’s currently raining harder now than when i started this post, i’m gonna hit the shower and pray for the best! 🙂