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almost home

Posted: 11/29/2009 in house

it really feels like (when looking at the outside) i’m almost home.

but on the inside.

i do not get this feeling at. all.

but soon i will, i’m sure! 🙂

i’m really thrilled with the way the outside looks.

absolutely love how everything has come together.

i can’t wait to see the house with the 5in trim around the windows and doors and of course the 10ft (Deep) by 20 ft porch!!!


oh and just for the record.

totally not fair to get a dream porch just in time for winter.

just not fair.

yes, i’m three years old, thank you!

back to nature

Posted: 11/28/2009 in family, health

i have officially fallin for you.

i {heart} all of your products i have tried.

you have mastered the art of making food WELL and it still tasting good.














this might seem silly…

but i want to thank you for your values.

recognizing that hydrogenated oils are no-good!

and high fructose corn syrup does NOT need to be in anything we consume.

that food doesn’t need artificial preservatives, flavors or colors in order to be yummy and appealing.

thank you!

for your hard work and dedication to “heath foods”.

thank you!
hyvee and walmart in kirksville, missouri for supplying these YUMMY foods for my family!

my favorites right now.

honey graham stinks

chocolate chunk cookies

crispy wheats

crispy rounds

i want to try.

fudge striped

fudge mint

classic creme


i don’t have a sweet tooth right now or anything.




brown bear

Posted: 11/28/2009 in lizzie faith, videos

i know it’s really long! but i highly recommend watching it to 6:17


Posted: 11/25/2009 in life

i made a pumpkin pie for tomorrow.

i cut it up and slid that slice right out of the pie and ATE it!

someone needed to make sure it was eatable before hauling it off to family and saying, eat up!


i know, i know. it’s rude to bring a partially eaten pie.

oh well.

it’s either that or don’t bring it at all.

what’s done is done.


after finishing off my garlic-butter-noodles (YUM!) for supper…

i decide to eat this piece of pie.

first few bites, i’m all “hmmm, i think i forgot sugar or something”

“what on earth would i have forgotten!”

it’s so easy!

there’s nothing to a pumpkin pie.

half n half





then it hits me.

it’s the garlic after taste.

it messes with you ‘buds’.


i don’t recommend it.


week 10

Posted: 11/25/2009 in baby bean #2

today starts week 10!


if i stop and really think, time is going fast!

look at this!
















no wonder i have such a bump already!

happy wednesday!

lil fishy

Posted: 11/24/2009 in baby bean #2

so i don’t remember what day it was. but i do know it was this week, during week 9.

i felt the strangest lil tickle tickle.

deep deep in me.

not like getting kicked in the tummy in late pregnancy. 🙂

but it was the baby.

i said something on facebook.

and other momma’s agreed.

they’ve felt their baby this early.

i didn’t feel lizzie this early…

or i didn’t recognize feeling her move this early.

a gal described it as a fish in a bag of water.

i can feel the “fish” swimming inside me.

not bumping into the walls (like late in the game).

but the little swishing movement, i feel.

or felt.

i haven’t felt it again.


i laid awake at night several nights…


and waiting…

i waited during the day.

moving and then sitting down quickly hoping to feel something.



maybe tomorrow! 🙂

i can only hope!

it definitely was a welcomed surprise!


oh i’m already head over heels.

completely and totally smitten.


Posted: 11/24/2009 in life

do you see it? do ya? do ya!!!! “flurries” on thursday!

come on! it’s not thanksgiving without chilly weather and maybe a flake or two! no harm in that…