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learning never to move

Posted: 11/05/2009 in life

there are so many learning experiences from this adventure.

make sure the spider-squasher’s where-abouts is known at. all. times. (even when you are in the shower)

new bedrooms are scary to 2 yr olds.

smells. there are so many smells. sometimes i feel like i just start sniffing around trying to figure out where it’s coming from. and then of course call eric.

space heaters are unreliable. (owners don’t feel bad!!! they just aren’t supposed to be primary residential heaters!)

don’t do this whole adventure thing in first trimester. just sayin…

even the refrigerator stinks since moving it.

former landlords are interesting. just when you think you have them figured out they call TWICE after 11pm.

trash gets left at the curb an extra length of time due to spousal disagreement. (looks like i’m right! it comes tomorrow morning not this morning!)

everything leaks. seriously! everything. the washer. the shower. OH the toilet doesn’t! the sink DID, but the second attempt at fixing has been successful thus far. lesson here: plumbing has to be redone in some cases up to 3 times!

know puppy and bitty baby’s where-abouts at all times. ya never know when a panic might occur. (i think this is mostly because the majority of her toys are still packed and it still looks like the previous post down here. intimidating and scary to a 2 yr old.)

but even with all of these things! it’s so nice to see eric an extra 20 min a day. lizzie enjoys yelling at her pappa’s from the bottom of the basement stairs. lucy LOVES running around! i LOVE not having to cook supper and pack it all up and go to the “new house” and eat on paper plates, pack it all back up and clean up!

this may just be the hardest thing we’ve gone through to date BUT there are pro’s and i’m going to continue to do my best at focusing on them and not that new smell that just popped up over here!