did i?

Posted: 11/11/2009 in baby bean #2, basement, house, learning, life, lizzie faith, me

did i seriously cry almost everyday that i was pregnant last time?


i don’t think so.

i would remember.

in the final days.

oh you betcha.

this chick cried every morning (cuz i hadn’t gone into labor during the night).

and every night (cuz i hadn’t gone into labor during the day).

for 4 weeks this went on.

but the beginning.

no way.

good grief!

we weren’t building a house when i was pregnant with lizzie.

life was pretty calm.


drama was church drama which was minor and silly.

so circumstances are different this time.

but still, everyday!?!

oh i hope this stops soon!


today we went to work with eric and spent the day at “auntie color’s” house. (my sister heather) we had a blast! lizzie and gena were bff’s! when this happened. i do not know! lizzie used to be intimidated by gena. they would steal each other’s toys and just not get a long superbly! today, a whole nother story! it was SO fun to watch them giggle together! lizzie has grown up so much! we were planning to do her 2 year pictures today but pregnant momma can’t think at 5am and forgot literally half or more pieces of each of the outfits but the one sweat pant outfit i thought she could wear before/after pictures. thankfully, i brought those. brother! maybe next time. 🙂

lizzie was not ready to leave all the fun. and when asked, “are you ready to go home?” she replied, “no.” *sigh* she left without a fight. although it was obvious to all she was very bummed. we pulled into the driveway and as soon as she realized we were home, she started crying this horrible pitiful cry. heartbreaking. i asked if she was ready to go inside and she said, “no house. no house. no house.” i just turned around in the driver’s seat and cried myself. “me neither, lizzie. me neither.”

did i expect living in a basement to be hard. yes. i did. how hard. one never knows until it’s too late.


  1. stampit74 says:

    it won’t be long! can you imagine how the pilgrims lived…ok – you’re in great shape! aaaahhh, this is so sweet to read…glad the girls are getting a long…it is super interesting when we’re all together! A very fun time today!

  2. Heather says:

    hugs….. you can STAY HERE til it’s done! 🙂 and YES YOU DID! you cried ALL THE TIME! lol… 😀

  3. Traci says:

    It’s ok! I cry all the time too…umm pregnant or not! but especially pregnant!! 🙂 I have the same problem with the girls when we are traveling, well mostly Jazmyn. She is usually in tears after we pull in the drive, although all the way home she is asking if we are home yet. It can be very emotionally draining somedays and I am always second guessing if we are making the right decision living “so far” away. I think it has gotten easier as the girls are getting older, especially now that we have a great church family and met a couple like-minded families it has really helped me. Praying your house will be done really really soon!!!! H does have quite the comfy spare room too:)

  4. aj says:

    You are always welcome here too. 🙂 I think change is hard no matter what the change is, especially for children. Even for me as an adult it took a while for our house to feel like home. It is just all new and she has never lived anywhere else, so it is probably more to do with that, then it being a basement. Also Henry tells me every time we have been at Heather’s that he didn’t want to come home he just wanted to stay and play at Aunt Colors. 🙂

    Hang in there this too shall pass!

  5. breanna says:

    LOL i must have blocked out my embarrassing tears! :/
    thanks for all your encouragement, you guys!!

  6. Shonya says:

    Hurray! You’re blogging again!! 🙂 Thinking of you, my friend. Hormones can really do a number on us, can’t they?! And I love it when cousins enjoy one another so much. Easton asks to go to an aunt’s house at least every other day!

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