Posted: 11/12/2009 in basement

God is SO smart.


amazingly smart.

my new favorite thing is everything has it’s seasons.

i have taken this for granted all my life.

in this case, this is a form of complaint with a positive spin.

cuz i’m trying.

ok, people.

i’m trying very hard to be positive.

our intruder is not helping matters.

if he eats any of the food i plan on eating tomorrow…

he. will. be. sorry.

will i go within 300ft of him.


the form of punish will have to be the most incredibly creative thing i’ve ever come up with.

i’m sure it will hit me when i need it tho.

no doubt.

in the mean time.

i’m ticked at the farmers for farming and leaving all the mice hungry and scurrying to my house.

couldn’t you have left a quarter of an acre for them??!

i would have paid you!

at least this isn’t the first time i’ve been through this.

i’m finding peace in the fact that eric will at least be near this time.

last time.

it was before we were married.

so i was living in the rental house on the weekends by myself.

not sure what ever happened to our lil pet.

he stuck around for a long time.

eating my food.

pooping in my closets.

burrowing in my clothes.

not. cool.

i didn’t like him.

i’m going to be a bit more aggressive this time.

by that i mean.

i will nag my husband til he doesn’t do anything else but hunt this thing down until it dies.

and we all know as soon as it dies…

2 will replace it.


where are you?!

now is the perfect time to camp in my yard!!!!!!!!!!

  1. stampit74 says:

    oh brother! what a pain….hate the stupid things unless they are a cute rubber stamp!
    One time b/4 you girls were born, this couple had us over for lunch after church on Sunday.
    They had little mice running all around the perimeter of their rooms….growing up in the city, I had never seen a mouse running around in a house! They thought it was normal! normal????
    NEVER! Sounds like you’re my daughter! lol

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