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drywall = cabinets

Posted: 11/15/2009 in house

everyone tells you.

you need to order your kitchen cabinets when you are hanging drywall.


we are there.

*running away screaming*

i. do. not. want. to. pick. cabinets.

this scares me.

i do not know what i want.

i like several different things.

talking to eric helped.

i really really like!

all my cabinets will be black.

not gonna go the cream accents.

considered it for my island/bar.

just not what i have in mind.

they have worn edges that just give me the warm, old, lived and loved feeling.

it will not be the full effect upon moving upstairs.

this bums me out.

i would LOVE new appliances.

this will be hard for me.

black cabinets with an old white dirty fridge.

a black and cream stove.

a bright white new dishwasher.

but just since we’ve built a house instead of remodeled or this or that…

doesn’t mean we’ve arrived and the journey is over.

i’m feeling it’s only just begun.

here is the sink:

Picture 12

here is the faucet:

Picture 13