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healing ulcer’s naturally has some really good information in this article about WHY to choose to treat an ulcer naturally.

this morning i woke up frustrated and wanting an easy quick road out of this mess.

after a sleepless night because the pain was so intense, i just wanted a quick-fix-pill.

so i went looking for reasons why that is the DUMBEST thing i could want!

check this out from healing ulcer’s naturally:

The companies that produce Tagamet and Zantac consider them “perfect drugs” because they are expensive (a full therapeutic dose usually costs about $150 per month), and they have the highest relapse rate (92 percent) of any anti-ulcer treatment.  The result?  A person becomes dependent on a very expensive drug, because without it, the ulcer may come back.

Are these really perfect drugs?  For most people the answer is definitely no. Tagamet and Zantac are associated with a number of side effects, including digestive disturbances, nutritional imbalances, liver dysfunction, disruption of bone metabolism, and breast development in men.

The other medical treatment for ulcers is antacids;  however, many popular antacids also have serious side effects.  The calcium carbonate antacids (Tums, Alka-2, etc.) actually produce a “rebound” effect on gastric acid secretion and may cause kidney stones.  The sodium bicarbonate antacids (Rolaids, Alka-Seltzer, BromoSeltzer, etc.) tend to cause systemic alkalosis and interfere with heart and kidney function.  The type of antacids used most often in the treatment of ulcers are aluminum-magnesium compounds (Maalox, Mylanta, Di-Gel, etc.), which may cause calcium and phosphorus depletion as well as possible aluminum toxicity or the accumulation of aluminum in the brain.

thank you healing ulcer’s naturally. this gave me the ammo i needed to stop wallowing in self-pity and do the hard things.

so with my sister’s help and my mom’s patience reading some excerpts from her books over the phone, we have some solutions!

what i’ve been doing is all wrong!


i’ve been eating organic whole milk cream on top yogurt popsicles and plain yogurt before meals to coat my stomach (this is GREAT for establishing a healthy gut with good bacteria with probiotics, BUT is not good when rebuilding, so wait a couple days before you do this!). i have everything out to make homemade pudding to also use to coat my stomach. i’ve been eating breyers real cream ice cream to do the same. guess what! diary is the worst thing you can do when trying to heal mucous membrane. alrighty then! on my own i’m self destructive.

here’s a website that a list of healing foods for ulcer sufferers.

10 foods that prevent ulcers

so here’s the plan:

stay away from dairy for a bit (even tho this website with their 10 foods says yogurt is GOOD! i think so too, just not until the membrane heals some more)

go grocery shopping to get some of these healing foods as soon as we have a working car available! (doesn’t coleslaw sounds good!!!)

drink as much aloe vera juice as i can muster (this stuff is fizzy and nasty! have some strong juice to chase it with!).

even rub some on my stomach.

take goldenseal/echinacea.

rub comfrey on my tummy.

eat a spoonful of raw honey before bed to ease the nighttime pain.

i’m also attempting to balance the good and bad bacteria in my gut as well.

this is not my idea of a good start to a pregnancy:

quick weight lose.

major stomach irritants.

inability to eat in the evening.

not. good.!

here’s to week 9! let’s hope this is the best one yet!


** so i drank 2 oz of aloe vera juice twice yesterday. just twice. and i have been pain free within 30 min of the first dose. unreal! i’m telling you! this is unbelievable! i don’t know if i doubted it all or if i just expected it to take a couple days… but i’m eating and everything sounds good again, this is just so huge after 5 weeks of hardly being able to eat anything!!! i’m still treating the ulcer with immune support and aloe vera juice. cuz even though i don’t have any pain, i still have to rebuild a strong stomach lining. but here’s to doing it pain free! YAY! 🙂


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have you found yourself in a season of your life where suddenly you feel so bogged down you realize you aren’t taking full breaths?

i am there.

i have to seriously think about taking full breaths and make myself.

it’s almost painful to take deep cleansing full breaths.

am i nuts?

this feels nutty to me as i type it.

but it is my reality.

maybe it’s been since this congestion crud (the past three weeks, oh wait. this week is week four!)

or maybe it’s since building the house.

or since becoming pregnant.

or since the severe anxiety started back in february.

or since the pain from the ulcer got so intense you literally can’t take a full breath without increased pain.

i dunno.

but either way.

today’s task.

taking deep, cleansing, full breaths.

i just think my brain might function better with the increased oxygen supply!