Posted: 11/17/2009 in me

have you found yourself in a season of your life where suddenly you feel so bogged down you realize you aren’t taking full breaths?

i am there.

i have to seriously think about taking full breaths and make myself.

it’s almost painful to take deep cleansing full breaths.

am i nuts?

this feels nutty to me as i type it.

but it is my reality.

maybe it’s been since this congestion crud (the past three weeks, oh wait. this week is week four!)

or maybe it’s since building the house.

or since becoming pregnant.

or since the severe anxiety started back in february.

or since the pain from the ulcer got so intense you literally can’t take a full breath without increased pain.

i dunno.

but either way.

today’s task.

taking deep, cleansing, full breaths.

i just think my brain might function better with the increased oxygen supply!


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