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black friday

Posted: 11/18/2009 in life

i’ve always gone through the ads on thanksgiving and picked out a few things that i would like for christmas gifts.

this year.

totally different!


check out the ads!!!!!

click on any of the store logos and you will see a complete list of store names on the left hand side. have fun! be sure and click the “camera” underneath the item to get a look at that item in the ad!

oh i have quite the list! eek! i think we’ll need to get a babysitter and divide up! either that or enlist some fellow shoppers and do some team working!

so excited!!! eek!



Posted: 11/18/2009 in baby bean #2, health

a friend showed me this!

are you drinking enough water? quiz

this is so cool! the questions they ask are good! i don’t agree that soda can be figured into your daily liquid. i think you need to drink MORE water if you drink soda or coffee. 🙂 but that’s my only beef.

way cool!
thanks, kristi! for sharing this!

as i sit…

Posted: 11/18/2009 in life

…and watch the water slowly trickle in the wall and seep on to the floor and threaten all the “storage” junk that is in this room,

i am thankful that my hubby shop vacc-ed up the last two days worth of water so i just have to do maintenance today.

i’m thankful that we are blessed with so much family every wants us somewhere for thanksgiving, vs having no where to go.

i’m thankful for a warm house.

i’m so thankful for the ability to run to kville on my own last night. wow, invigorating to do something alone and pain free, even if it is just grocery shopping.

i’m thankful we have 30+ years of alternative medicine knowledge behind our belts (my mom and sisters) to help me through tough times like the last 5 weeks – who fight on my behalf for answers and a solution, when i’m too tired to do it.

i’m thankful for eric’s work.

i’m thankful for all who have blessed me and are blessing me so i can in turn bless others.

happy thanksgiving everyone! i know it’s early, but it’s definitely time to be thankful!