Posted: 11/24/2009 in family

is it every women’s nature to want to make a trip FUN!

it’s not a long trip.























just a quick trip to go see lizzie’s grandpa (eric’s dad) in the hospital 2 hours away.

he just had open heart surgery yesterday.

a quadruple bypass.

kinda a big deal.

he’s going to miss thanksgiving. 😦

i bet he’s sick of thanksgiving and christmas movies by the time this is all over.

i’m thinking in the shower about what i need to bring with us.


leaving at 1.

will be home probably by dark.

no big deal.

but i get to thinking.

i should pack snacks!

goody bags for everyone!

and then activities.

we’ll get bored.

wish we could find the ipod. where is that thing!?!

we’ll just have to bring cd’s.

wish the dvd player worked.

ok, stop!


it’s a two hour car trip one way.

it’s during nap time.

she’ll sleep half the time or more.

who’s gonna get bored?!

everyone is going to be sleeping but ME!

seriously, when do guys stay awake in the car??!!!

who needs music, ME!

who needs food, ME!

so who cares about being the worlds funnest mom who packs the coolest things for road trips. i’m packing stuff for myself (which lizzie will eat from) and callin’ it good… or pure laziness. not sure which.


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