lil fishy

Posted: 11/24/2009 in baby bean #2

so i don’t remember what day it was. but i do know it was this week, during week 9.

i felt the strangest lil tickle tickle.

deep deep in me.

not like getting kicked in the tummy in late pregnancy. 🙂

but it was the baby.

i said something on facebook.

and other momma’s agreed.

they’ve felt their baby this early.

i didn’t feel lizzie this early…

or i didn’t recognize feeling her move this early.

a gal described it as a fish in a bag of water.

i can feel the “fish” swimming inside me.

not bumping into the walls (like late in the game).

but the little swishing movement, i feel.

or felt.

i haven’t felt it again.


i laid awake at night several nights…


and waiting…

i waited during the day.

moving and then sitting down quickly hoping to feel something.



maybe tomorrow! 🙂

i can only hope!

it definitely was a welcomed surprise!


oh i’m already head over heels.

completely and totally smitten.

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