Posted: 12/06/2009 in life

snow is in the forecast.

i’m thrilled.

my hubs is ticked.

(what a scrooge)

spent the day organizing, cleaning, rearranging, cooking and baking = a happy momma!

wishing for a mint cocoa or a vanilla/caramel/hazelnut breve.

bummed i wasn’t thinking and let the propane tank almost run out of propane.

(thinking there is a very real possibility we will be running on fumes by the time the propane delivery truck gets here tomorrow)

60’s are gorgeous in spring and summer.

in winter, not so much.

lesson learned.

thankful for:

a good appetite today.

the ability to work without growing weak.

safe travels for my parents! (happy anniversary! what’s it like 34 years???! thank you for loving each other!!!!!!!)

a good napper who woke up a happy 2 year old.

a hubby to giggle with when things get you down.


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