Posted: 12/15/2009 in life

does it ever just feel like…

no matter what you do

it’s not good enough.

i’m there.

not necessarily for myself.

even though i have crabbed about this in the last few weeks…

but this is more in defense of someone i love.

which makes my reaction stronger

and maybe a bit less rational.

but of course i could go into a long list of why i think my feelings are justified.

then i would be sinning even more.

this is not new.

this is a problem that has been brought to our attention

monthly to bimonthly

a thousand times in the last few years.

wait that math doesn’t work out right. 😉

it simply gets old.

so here i am.

struggling with the same old, same old.

frustrated that i’m still here.



angry at stupidity.

bummed individuals are getting caught up on the tiny things that are worldly.

yet, where am i??


hung up on the little things.

that they hurt my feelings.

that they call my loved one inept each time they bring this up….

oh goodness.

i have such a long way to go.

Lord, please take up so much room in my heart that there is no room for this bitterness i’m struggling with…


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