Posted: 12/17/2009 in family

it’s almost here.

this is my favorite time of year.

did you know eric proposed to me on christmas eve.


it was so amazing.

we were on our way to missouri from my family’s christmas.

it was very near midnight before we got to his parent’s.

it was so cold.

i was rushing inside.

he was trying to stall me.

i was like, no way dude! it’s cold.

and he knew if i went inside his parent’s would be expecting us to be bawling or say something.

which would totally ruin it.

i’m such a sore thumb. 😦

he got me stopped.

said a speech.

got on one knee.

i was too excited to listen.

or remember.

he he

so sweet!

i’ll always remember.

christmas really is my favorite time of year.

i know. i know.

everyone says that!

but it really is my favorite.

i love the family photo in front of mom’s tree.

all the chaos and noise that my family makes while opening presents.

the fellowship.

the kids playing with each other.

a lot different from just a few years ago when it was just us girls, our beaus and mom and dad.

we have four christmas’ to go to.

each year we try to schedule them on different days.

normally at least two fall on the same day

and one is in osky and one in lancaster.

not fun!

especially with a baby.

BUT this year is amazing!

we have three days with a christmas on each day.

a week  break.

and then the finale! 😀

i have two more things to purchase tonight.

then i’m done christmas shopping.

so excited to get everything wrapped!!

the ups man, (oh how i can’t wait to see him tomorrow)

has several boxes of presents.

next week i’ll have 2 more coming, hopefully by the 24th.


kinda pushing it. :/

all in all, i’m so giddy to give everyone their gift!

so excited about it! 🙂

Jesus is so good to us.

i pray that we can bless each of our loved one’s this year

and hopefully some people we don’t know…


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