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this week…

Posted: 12/19/2009 in baby bean #2

makes the thirteenth week.

today is 13 weeks and 4 days – to be exact.

well exact is debatable.

depending on which date you go by.

i’m 14 weeks tomorrow by  one date.

so let’s add “ish” and call it good.

i’ve been focusing on eating even more and drinking even more water.

have had a couple rough days this week.

not fun!

haven’t felt the baby much.

one day i felt the bean like crazy…

… then nothing for days.

so sad!

i suppose that’s when trust comes in.

trusting that i really am pregnant.

and there really is a bean in there.

why is that so hard??

i’m thrilled to be out of first tri.

excited for the future.

did i mention, scared to death as well.

oh the feelings a pregnancy resurfaces.

saturday i went shopping for tops for me.

i feel so blessed that target had some very cute tops

that are just my style and over 50% off without twisted seams.

what a steal!

now just to find jeans.

why is it so hard!

this week we’ve been wrapping a few christmas presents here and there.

anxiously meeting the ups man loaded down with boxes of christmas presents.

lizzie has successfully unwrapped one present.

lil stinker.

i’ve been a knitting machine.

enjoying knitting for two dear friends

and for lizzie.

lizzie has a cute neck warmer

and a bitty baby cocoon. (i’ll add a picture to this post when i’m finished with it later today)

then i’m planning to start knitting for this lil bean of mine.

i am thrilled that i have a girl first name idea that i am head over heals for.

at this point i don’t want to say what the name is.

but it means, God’s vow.


cool stuff.

still leaning towards our original boy name.

still searching for a middle girl name.

last time with lizzie.

her name was totally divine.

hit both eric and i at the same moment.

there was no doubt what we were to name our first born.

at this point.

i’m not feeling that.

yet, it’s still early. 😀

happy weekend!