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christmas kitchen

Posted: 12/21/2009 in me

i thought i missed my kitchen before.


i miss it now, like never before.


i don’t miss not having a christmas tree this year.

it’s where we are at.

our charlie brown tree on the end table from mema penny is perfect.

i am still at a loss as to where to keep the presents safe from debri and concrete dust.

what i do miss is a kitchen.

a real kitchen.

with countertop height counters.

not table height.

and so many more things.

i best not list or i’ll be crying midway through.

i am still excited to do all the baking and cooking i’ve offered to do for each of the christmas’.

i’m just bummed.

i don’t enjoy it like i used to.

when i had a kitchen.

please don’t feel too sorry for me.

we are very blessed.

i’m just saying…

i miss my kitchen.


and march can’t come soon enough.

chef lizzie

Posted: 12/21/2009 in lizzie faith

i originally purchased this lil cherry chef outfit for anya but she already got it for christmas! so i gave it to lizzie. 😀 she wasn’t sure what to think. then auntie amanda posted pictures of anya and henry wearing theirs and she was convinced it was cool! 😀

then she decided she need to dance and twirl in it and knocked over a tall glass. poo! so we spent the next 20 minutes cleaning. this concrete floor is no good for my glasses.

house update again

Posted: 12/21/2009 in house

has it been a while? it seems like it’s been some time since i’ve posted pictures.