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christmas day

Posted: 12/26/2009 in family, lizzie faith, pictures, videos

christmas day we spent with eric’s family.

christmas morning here with just us three really wasn’t what i expected.

we hoped for a nice quiet, cuddly morning.

and got a tired grouchy sickly morning.

eric got only a couple hours sleep through out the night.

i got maybe 4.

thankfully! lizzie slept all night.

eric was dealing with lots of water pouring into the basement.

he’s definitely motivated to fix that now.

this was the first time it happened during the night and he had to deal with it.

what a mess.

thankful he was here to help me.

since i was in the bathroom sick for several hours.


so christmas morning was prepping for lunch and after at denny and penny’s and attempting to recover from the night before – impossible to do, really.

christmas at d & p’s was super fun and we are so blessed and spoiled.

i think the pictures and video tell all.

don’t you. 😀

merry christmas to you and yours!

i pray you and yours aren’t all caught up in the hype and do remember why we are doing what we are doing.

stop. refocus.

i’ll post pictures from christmas eve with my family when i get the pictures. i know the photographers are all tired and recovering from christmases too – so we’ll just have to be patient. but the cousins had a BLAST! and we had fun giving!