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the bestest…

Posted: 12/27/2009 in fun, pictures

…toys ever.

ok, we are due for a lil chat.

you and me.

my sister was on a hunt for the perfect tea set.

so while we were on the phone i started googling…

this is what i found!

i’m telling you.

the best tea set ever.

along with one of the best company’s ever!

we got lizzie this tea set for christmas…

a couple of her cousins are new owners of the set as well.

i’m telling you.

this company is awesome!!!

check out their other products.

i know a lil 6 month old man that is IN LOVE with this recycling truck.

i’m telling you!

buy their toys.

they are awesome!

click on the pictures for a direct link to their website.

we shopped on

their toys are sold lots of places.

pottery barn kids

creative kidstuff at jordan creek

to name a few.