Posted: 12/28/2009 in baby bean #2, lizzie faith

i wasn’t going to blog about this.

but after a few days.

i just don’t want to forget this!

and i forget everything…

christmas eve we were driving home from osky.

lizzie was sleeping.

eric and i are just chit chatting about the baby.

the baby doesn’t move very often.

he/she FREAKS out when i’m holding corrin close to me (like if he sleeps on me…)

he doesn’t like to be squished.

she thinks it’s all about her.

so move over organs!

it’s really fun to see personality already!

so we are chatting…

i’m saying something like i think it’s a boy!

reminding eric how i asked lizzie when i was 6 months along or so if she was a boy to kick me.

she didn’t kick.

was perfectly still.

i asked her if she was a girl to kick me.

and she kicked like crazy.

i did this often in the next few months.

i say, i’m just not sure with this lil bean yet.

with lizzie, i knew from day one, she was a girl!


i dunno.

there was no doubt in me at all.

this time, i feel a strong tugging towards a boy but not without doubt…

so then the conversation moves to names…

we are still in limbo on the combo of boy names…

we like several.

we just keep putting the puzzle together and taking it apart and rearranging it.

i say the name i like and the baby goes CRAZY!!!!!

did my baby just name himself? seriously.

i dunno.

i guess we’ll know this summer. 🙂

just in case “he” did… i wanted proof of this conversation.


happy monday!

  1. stampit74 says:

    amazing! to think I was pregnant three times and didn’t really pay attention! pout! lol
    although I was told all three of you were boys! hahahahaha you tricked ’em!

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