signing time

Posted: 12/28/2009 in lizzie faith, sign language, videos

when my sister told me about signing time.

i didn’t really think it could possibly be as great as she was claiming.

well it is.

seriously awesome.

there’s a few signs that are different than how i learned.

but that can be regional, cultural, or simply era.

so i’m learning new signs too!!!

neither are right or wrong…

it’s just i say “tomato” you say “tomato”. 😉

we still understand each other…

another thing you. just. can’t. beat.

it’s conceptually accurate signed english and asl.

she isn’t signing… “car” and “pet” for the word/concept “carpet”.

lizzie absolutely loves baby signing time (which is what she calls ALL of the signing time videos).

her signing vocabulary has expanded surprisingly.

i was working with her.

but the signs i introduce to her don’t stick nearly as quickly or permanently than the signs she learns from signing time.

it’s been so fun having eric around for a couple days this week.

it seemed like he was constantly asking me what she was signing/saying. 🙂

so fun to “interpret” for them.

can’t wait for him to be around more and him know all the signs she knows.

lizzie’s favorite signs this week.

“tree” and “snow”.

hmmm wonder why.

i think the signing time classroom edition sounds totally awesome!!!

the list of benefits of teaching sign language to children are HUGE.

harass your librarian to get a few if they don’t have any!

it’s worth it. 😀


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