final kitchen decisions

Posted: 12/31/2009 in house

i’m so thrilled to announce… 🙂

i’ve ordered kitchen stuff.


so glad it’s done!

so excited to see my kitchen and work in it.

here’s what i decided on.

the faucet i found on CLEARANCE half price! (except i just opened up the box and it’s satin nickel instead of shiny chrome like this picture. sigh.)

my light over my island (that my sink is in)

my apron sink is this style below, but here is what it looks like installed.

my kitchen cupboards are white mission. similar to these. the drawer will have the same design as the cabinets. my range hood is very similar to this one in the picture.

here’s my cupboard latches

my countertop is solid maple wood in a clean (no knots or color variation) pale maple.

now i’m off to ottumwa to find a faucet, i hope. otherwise, i’ll be ordering one more thing online. 🙂

  1. simplyaltered says:

    I . love . it . all !!!!!!!!

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