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kitchen corner cabinet opinions

Posted: 01/05/2010 in house

alrighty folks!

i need some opinions.


my brother in law ben is building my cabinets so there’s LOTS of ideas and ANYTHING is possible.


this has it’s disadvantages initially.

too many choices!


but i’m loving it!

what do you think of this instead of a lazy susan?

i know, it’s kinda funky…

but i think i like it!!!!


i do not like lazy susans.

am i alone?

there’s dead space.

things fall off the shelves when you spin them too fast.

which i do.

every single time.

everythings falling over.

depending on the door, the hinges scratch your cabinets.

i’m thinking this would be awesome for

top drawer: cooking utensils (my stove is near by)

middle drawer: (deeper) sippy cups and kid plates, bowls, silverware

bottom drawer: i dunno yet!!!!! tupperware?? extra space?!!! i’m sure i’ll fill it, but i have a home for everything else so far…

please, tell me what you think!!!

have you seen something else you like better?


Posted: 01/05/2010 in life

i think it’s time to invest in some cuddle duds.

any body with me?