bath net

Posted: 01/28/2010 in knitting, lizzie faith, pictures

i’ve been super annoyed with wet bath toys.

what do you do with your kiddo’s wet bath toys????

this has never been an issue with us before.

lizzie HATED baths.

so it was, get IN,

get OUT!

and then pass her off to her father to console.

good grief.

but one day.

at aunt colors house.

it struck me.

i’m being manipulated like a mad-momma!

i don’t like this.

made her stick it out.

she cried.


attempt to convince me she was going to puke.

and then…

she played!

and had a blast with cousin gena in the tub.

since then, baths are the coolest.

and we currently beg to have one at least once a day!

here’s how i remedied this.

i took my jumbo size 35 knitting needles

a half skein of 100% cotton

and presto!

it’s not very big.

i like it this way.

i don’t want it to be huge and allow myself to have a million toys for bath time.

this is just big enough for the necessities and we can swap out and rotate.

net can be machine washed as often as desired with the load of toys or whatever is easiest.

  1. stampit74 says:

    how COOL is that! great thinkin’ daughter!

  2. Amanda says:

    Wow can you make me one too? I will pay you!!

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