so close. just, oh so close!

Posted: 01/28/2010 in house

i just ran upstairs this morning to get these shots, per fb friends requests…

wow! it’s gorgeous up there!

the sun is pouring in.

the view is beautiful.

i can’t wait to wake up to that upstairs soon!

i’ve gotten so used to doom and gloom down here in this here basement…

that i’ve forgotten what it’s like to wake up to sunshine.



headed back up to vacuum.

just to soak up some sunlight. 🙂

oh and the guys are SO close to finishing!!!

oh just so close!

and we have TONS of wood left.


there is a lot, i mean A LOT of scrap wood with this kind of tavern/utility grade wood…

so i ordered 2500 sq ft when we only have 1900 (counting the front porch) to lay.

i’m so glad we didn’t run out!


anyone want our leftovers???

i’ll give ya REALLY good price!

  1. stampit74 says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! so excited for you!!!

  2. Amanda says:

    NICE!! Oh, so nice!! I just can’t wait to see it!! I am guessing the pictures don’t do it justice!!

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